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What is VIDsigner?

VIDsigner is an electronic signature service adapted to both face-to-face and remote situations, which combines cryptography and biometrics to offer a secure way to sign documents electronically. This industry-leading electronic signature solution offers a variety of signature methods that can be combined to suit business needs and helps customers quickly transform the way they do business - from certificate, to tablet signing in a meeting or by phone to wherever the signer is.



Trust and legal security

  • European regulation 910/2014 (eIDAS)
  • USA (ESIGN and UETA Acts)
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • ISO 27001 certification
  • PAdES-LT (Long Term Signature)
  • ISO/IEC 19794-7:2014

Signature options

For face-to-face and mobility environments

VIDsigner Bio

This biometric signature is used with calibrated tablets commonly used in face-to-face scenarios where the signer and the person responsible for collecting the signature are physically in the same place. This can be a salesperson collecting a signature in the client's office, a patient signing an informed consent in a hospital, a citizen signing in a public administration, logistics, human resources, etc. The evidence gathered, which includes speed, inclination and pressure, among other parameters, is coded and incorporated into the document to uniquely identify the signer, guaranteeing maximum legal certainty.

Multi-device signing with certificates stored in the cloud

VIDsigner Centralized

The centralized signature is designed for internal users of organizations that require signing many documents using a digital certificate. It allows users to check documents pending signing from a browser or from their own smartphone and batch sign them with just a few clicks, making it a valuable solution for most departments. The signer is identified by means of a unipersonal certificate that has been previously installed on the device chosen for signing. It is especially useful for the company to sign employment contracts, payment approvals, purchase orders, etc.

For anyone and anywhere

VIDsigner Remote

The remote signing channel VIDsigner Remote allows you to send documents to sign to anyone, anywhere. The signer can sign the document from any device (smartphone or PC). To guarantee security, a double validation is always carried out via email and PIN by SMS to the signer's smartphone so that they can ensure their identity. In addition, it guarantees the integrity of the document and the intention of the signature. It is the best instrument for companies that want to streamline processes that usually require several steps to formalize: sales, rental contracts, contracts with suppliers, employment contracts, direct debits, etc.

Electronic stamp for automatic online processes

VIDsigner Stamper

The VIDsigner Stamper automated signature service allows the signing of documents in non-presential environments in a completely unattended way, similar to an electronic company stamp.
It allows the signing of documents in non-contact environments in a totally unattended way from a digital certificate hosted and guarded remotely in mere formalities such as signing electronic invoices, signing payroll, or formalizing offers, among others.

Trustworthy communications

VIDsigner E-Delivery

The trustworthy communications service by email VIDsigner E-Delivery is the digital alternative to burofax and certified postal mail, which allows greater agility and security with lower costs. From a legal point of view, it constitutes a guarantee in the event of a dispute that the addressee has received an electronic notification. For the user, the signer must enter the PIN received by SMS in order to view the content. The evidence report certifies that the file has been delivered and collects all the information necessary to corroborate that the recipient has received the document, as well as the actions they have taken, from the receipt of the notification to the download of the document.

Fast and easy integration

VIDsigner - DataFlex integration

Using Wrappers made by Moose Software, you can quickly and easily access the features of any type of VIDsigner signature.

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DataFlex integration

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